How to move your pet via India Railways!

Are you planning to move outside your current place to some other one but you are worried about the movement of your pet by railways? Don’t worry! Your pet can also experience hassle-free and secure shifting. You just need to follow the below mentioned tips to make the move for your pet enjoyable via railways –

1. You will need some documents to make the pet movement occur smoothly. The documents consists of the pet’s vaccination records, his license and travel certificate from a vet.

2. To make your pet travel with you, you need to book extra seats. For instance, if you are travelling alone, you need to reserve two berths in your name. Your pet can travel with you in First AC.

3. When you arrive at the railway station, go to the baggage counter. There, the officials will book your dog as an extra baggage which will cost you few bucks. The baggage fee will be charged by the weight of your pet and the length of your journey. You might end up charging between Rs 600-Rs 1000.

4. But, you will not be able to pay the baggage fee until the train chart is displayed and it will be done two hours before the train arrives at the station.

5.  If you don’t know, there are two types of compartments in First AC. One, which contains four births and the other which contains only two. You can request for a two-seater if you want to.

6. While travelling, you can get down with your pet at the stations where train stops and take a stroll with them. But, make sure not to get your pet loose as they might make the other passengers uncomfortable. Also, others have the right to complain against the nuisance of your pet and they can ask to de-board your pet from the train. So, your pet better be well-behaved.

7. You should keep one thing in mind that all the trains allow to let your pets travel except Rajdhani. Rajdhani trains restrict travelling of pets.

8. Make sure not to try and move your pet to some other seats or compartment. If you do so, you will get fined.

9. It is noteworthy that dogs, goats, cows, horses, etc. are allowed to travel through train except cats because they are considered as wild animals. But, if you really want to travel with your cat, then you have to get his vaccination records and a certificate stating your cat is not wild and harmless by Department of Wildlife, Government of Delhi.

Hope the above provided information will turn out to be very useful to you.

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